Sonja Beck | Painting

Sonja beck Painting Mud Puddle pottery

Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center

Sonja Beck Becknell Art

Utilizing a bold, contemporary style full of color and life, dynamic angles and layers of tonal variations, I work primarily with acrylics on canvas to spread joy, create connections and radiate energy and love. I am passionately drawn to compelling personalities, the innocence and beauty of children, the magical mystery of nature and the way in which music transports the mind and brings people together. These are the forces that inspire and drive me to create and are oftentimes the subject matter of my paintings or drawings. I choose to focus on creating pieces that provoke a positive response, coming more from the heart and less from an analytical angle. Artwork that stirs the souls determines my direction. During my professional dance career, prior to raising my two sons, I experienced many moments of shared joy and powerful collective connections, no matter the country or language. I hope to be just as expressive on canvas as on stage, drawing people together through pieces that are meaningful and moving. As my artistic career erupts organically, I choose to shift my audiences’ attention to the brighter notes and more positive aspects of humanity, realizing that others remember, not so much what we say or do, but, rather, how we make them feel.