Lisa Jennings acrylic painting and mixed media classes and workshops



Lisa Jennings acrylic painting and mixed media classes and workshops

About the Artist

Lisa Jennings

About the classes and workshops

Lisa will be teaching many classes at Mud Puddle Pottery. Over the course of time, she will be sharing her knowledge in:

  • Acrylic Painting & Mixed Media: Lisa will go over acrylics using fluid or soft gel acrylics. She will talk about the different mediums used for creating with mixed media. There are many different ones and she will explain her favorite four that she has used in her processes. Lisa will go over the kinds of brushes, paper and other tools that can be used with acrylic painting and mixed media. The paint and tools will be utilized in your personal journals.

  • Pigmenting Papers: Making Papers ~ Lisa uses a lot of paper in her mixed media paintings. Since this is the core of her work she will share with you her special techniques that she’s been using for over 20 years. The techniques you may learn: Gel Plate, which is printing on a synthetic gelatin plate with mulberry papers and rice papers, Butcher Block papers Mono Print, which means one, but Lisa will teach you how to create multiple prints with as little paint as possible, and Batik Resist which is also referred to as wax resist.

  • Stamps & Stencils: You will be creating your own stamps and stencils to use on your papers and paintings. You will put them to use on your canvas and/or on the papers created.

  • Mark Making: You will learn about a unique way in which to express yourself through mark making. This is important and key to your regular art practice.

  • Collage: Lisa will be teaching how to adhere not only magazine clippings but thin metal, fiber, etc. to add texture, layer, color, depth and contrast to your works.

  • Fiber & Stitching: If you used to embroider or cross stitch you’ll love this additive for your mixed media. You will explore adding some stitching to your pieces for more added interest and texture.