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May Fredericksen Mud Puddle Pottery Jewelry Artist


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May Fredericksen MudPuddle Pottery Jewelry Artist

Hi y'all! I am May Frederiksen, creator of By May in Nashville, Tennessee. Art is deeply ingrained into my identity as the majority of my family are all artists of one kind or another — I can remember times when I would sit under my father's easel while he airbrushed or painted, or sitting with my uncle while he taught me how to hold a calligraphy pen at the age of 5.

I began making jewelry as a creative outlet while I travelled on the professional golf circuit. Little did I know that my original trip to a local craft store 15 years ago would be the start of a very long, sometimes winding, sometimes impassable path to what is now “By May.” I am a true self taught jewelry artisan, which has most certainly made my path all the more difficult, but at the same juncture, made it that much more rewarding.

Since the birth of By May, I have been on a spiritual journey — as a former professional athlete, I have reacquainted myself with a newer me, by diving into a new passion and challenging myself to be the best version of me. At this point in my life, I am finally able to use my past experiences and years of searching for more life in "everydayness" to offer you something that holds peace, calm, and beauty. As a mother of two young children, "everydayness" can be an obstacle, and so through the use of healing stones and creativity, I find myself more grounded and connected to what is most important in life.