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Linda McLaughlin Linda McLaughlin Jewelry

Linda McLaughlin is known for designing and fabricating elegant, contemporary jewelry. With the belief that art should be shared by many, the wearer immediately becomes the displayer of fine art. Through the years, Linda’s jewelry has evolved to capture the beauty of nature and the bold, powerful colors that surround us. Every element of her designs is carefully chosen with the hope of provoking an emotion; as a catalyst, from the artist to the beholder.

 Linda utilizes various methods to create her unique pieces, including silvermithing, lapidary, forging, anticlastic raising, chain maille, Kuem Boo, fusing, cold-working, sandblasting, & etching. Her materials include fine & sterling silver, gold, copper and bronze.  Precious and semi-precious stones, various oxidation methods and finishes are incorporated into her designs. Linda creates unique, timeless works of art to be handed down from generation to generation.