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Linda Hobdy Twisted Sisters Art Metalworks
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We create sculptures of light, water, earth and fire using steel, copper, cast iron, glass and found treasures to make each piece unique.  

We start with flat sheets of metal and transform them into lighting, fountains, wall and freestanding sculptures.  

We use an oxy-acetylene torch to braze copper, hammering and detailing it with brass rods to enhance the beauty of the metal and, thus, earning  the title of “Brazin’ Queens.”  

We use a MIG welder to construct the sculptures, but also to texture and add drama – literally painting with fire. Our plasma cutter allows us to cut the complicated shapes from patterns that come from inside our heads to make our dreams come true in 3D metal. Our education has been the trial and error of blindly following our visions, listening to the goddess within us, and being unafraid of failure.