Linda Hobdy | Twisted Sisters Jewelry

Linda Hobdy Jewelry Twisted Sisters
Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center

Linda Hobdy Twisted Sisters Jewelry

My jewelry is created by rescuing found treasures, such as metals, glass, guitar strings, fuses, light bulbs, vintage and new elements. I am a champion of the discarded, and use all cold connections. My work table is an operating table where I do surgery everyday, taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary, by combining unexpected elements using positive/negative space as my main design concept. My ideas come from the universal gps system, and from my daily dialogue with my treasury of old and new elements that I have collected, each one waiting to be born into my one of a kind designs, my architecture for the body temple

As I sit down at my messy work table, the remnants of my last creation are there, leading me to  my  next piece by  giving me a path to follow and I trust that directional challenge, knowing that it will take me just where I need to go.  It is like life - you don't have to know the final destination, you just have to begin. The color, texture and drama that are the hallmarks of my creations  flow easily through my hands, and I am grateful for the bliss of creation.