Glenn E. Taylor | When Heat Meets Rust

Glenn E Taylor |When Heat Meets Rust
Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center

glen e taylor when heat meets rust

"Rust Meets Heat" is just what it says! Glen Taylor welds together metal and iron antiques that he finds at old barn sales and such, and he turns them in to the most incredible works of art! Glen resides in Kingston Springs, TN, where he brings his visions to life! When he finds "old junk" as he calls it, he will take it to his studio where turns it in to one-of-a-kind finds! Glen has been featured at the Arts at the Airport in Nashville, TN, where his work was showcased for several months. He has sold several of his signature Tennessee wall hangings that are made of rusted tools and objects from 100 years ago and older such as wrenches, locks, clocks, chains, saw blades, and so many other items that it takes a long time to see all the details that he has added. He has the warmest personality and everyone should have the good fortune to meet this talented man!

Glen E Taylor when heat meets rust at mud puddle pottery