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Brigitta Dixon Pottery at Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center

Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center


Brigitta Dixon Pottery | Mud Puddle Pottery Nashville Ceramics Studio and Pottery Classes | The Clay

I make pottery out of low-fire red clay. It is extremely sensitive and responsive to the human touch when it is soft; when fired it becomes dense and strong. It is this responsive nature of clay that continues to interest me. Clay is a supportive and demanding medium for the creative journey of making.

I roll out slabs that give a two-dimensional field to color and texture. Then the slabs are formed into cylinders, boxes, or bowls. The soft drapery feeling from the slab is fixed when the clay is exposed the heat of the kiln.

As a statement against the mass production of modern life, each piece of pottery is created as a unique, imperfect object linking me, the maker, to the user.