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Ben Buess Pottery | Mud Puddle Pottery

Narrative. That’s the word I often use to describe my art. A narrative is just something that tells a story. A story about China during the late Ming dynasty, a story about a merchant providing for his family, and a story about a young potter pursuing a dream.

The narrative of my own life would have been much different if it hadn’t been for the love and support of so many people. I want to thank my parents for their appreciation of my passion. I would like to thank my ceramics teacher, Mr. Schortgen, for helping me as a student by knowing me as a person. In regards to this particular project, I would like to thank the always dependable @burningtundra , the ever enthusiastic @tianne_yung , and the forever helpful @janaenaepolk . Finally I would like to thank God for the gifting he has so generously blessed me with. I am so grateful for it and am looking forward to the next chapter has written for me. A chapter that will take place here at Alfred university.