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Alice Shepherd Glass Artist Mud Puddle Pottery

Mud Puddle Pottery Harpeth Art Center

Alice Shepherd Glass Artist Mud Puddle PotteryI adore glass! Being a glass artisan is a privilege and I love that my art brings beauty and joy into the world!

I know of no other material with its brilliance and luster that is happy to be transformed into so many forms with a multitude of appearances: glossy or matte, vitreous or stone, solid or flowing, translucent or opaque, or color changing with the light.

Since childhood I have worked with various mediums and in 2007, after a chance encounter with a chunk of windshield slag, I became enamored with glass and ways to incorporate familiar materials like reclaimed industrial parts and sterling silver inclusions.

Working in my own shop with head, hands, and heart, keeps me connected to my family’s heritage of handcrafting, reuse, and repair. This is why my work tends to evolve into discrete collections: my practice is founded on making the best of the materials I have on hand, rescuing cast off parts when possible, and constantly educating myself in the traditions of kiln forming.

I find its challenging processes satisfying and take pride in my ever-expanding skillset of techniques: various fusing methods as well as draping, slumping, casting, melting, and cold working.

Whether I am creating artwork for your home or workspace, body, or special gifts; like tableware and décor, sculptures for walls or surfaces, or wearables, the possibilities for design seem infinite!