Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House

The 2016 Holiday Open House at Harpeth Art Center & Gallery and Mud Puddle Pottery Studio will be held on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am – 5pm.

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The annual event features handmade creations by Middle Tennessee artists and craftsmen. The art center will be filled with booths where customers can shop direct with their favorite local artisans who come to share their work. The gallery will be flowing with lots of new offerings from over 50+ artists that show in the gallery year round.

Each year, the Holiday Open House features unique gift finds for your holiday shopping list, where each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Visitors will be welcomed with refreshments, music and lots of holiday cheer as they shop for their finds. The art center will have all the trimmings of the season, with holiday trees aglow, lights and music. Visitors come from afar year after year to attend this event where they find gifts from small to large.

The Holiday Open House will include functional pottery and decorative pottery, artisan jewelry, sculpture, handmade wood furniture, handcrafted books, metal smithing, stained glass and blown glass, acrylic paintings and oil paintings, unique lamps and lighting, watercolor paintings and mixed media, photography, beaded jewelry, leather, handmade candles and soaps and more.

In addition to beautiful art, shoppers will enjoy refreshments, music and lots of holiday cheer! Sharon Ingram and staff spend weeks decorating the gallery and class space with holiday trees and lights in preparation for the event.

Short List of Show Participants:

  • John Coburn
  • Tina O’Malley, Pottery
  • Cheryl Roberson, Mixed Media
  • Sam Simms, Stained Glass
  • Melody Erickson, Leather and Jewelry
  • Colleen Byers “Busy Baubles”, Jewelry
  • Linda McLaughlin, Jewelry
  • Terry Kornman, Handmade Paper Books & Book Pendants
  • Alice Shepherd, Pottery

Gallery Artists:

  • Andra Hughes, Pottery
  • Becca Irvin, Pottery
  • Ben Caldwell, Coppersmithing
  • Caroline Tuzeneu, Pottery
  • Carolyn Boutwell, Clay Sculpture
  • Catherine McMurray, Pottery
  • Cheryl Roberson, Lamps
  • Donna Rizzo, Pottery
  • Donna Zimmer, Jewelry
  • Edward Belbusti, Clay Sculpture (lamps)
  • Elise R. Kendrick, Acrylic
  • Gloria Newton, Acrylic
  • Greg Pace, Pottery
  • Jammie Williams, Oil
  • Jane McGinnis-Glynn, Stoneware Baskets
  • Jane Olson, Mixed Media
  • Jennifer Sterne, Conservation
  • Jill Stone, Polymer Clay
  • Jim Mooneyhan, Acrylic
  • John Coburn, Pottery
  • Jonna Vaughn, Candles
  • Karla Deal, Copper Art
  • Larry Box, Oil
  • Larry Tracey Rogers, Pottery
  • Linda Hobdy, Metal & Jewelry
  • Linda McLaughlin, Jewelry
  • Lisa Gardiner, Sip & Paint Along
  • Lisa Taylor, Oil
  • Lundy Cupp, Carvings & Sculpture
  • Lynne Looney, Acrylic
  • Marilyn Wilkinson, Pottery
  • Melody Erickson, Leather & Jewelry
  • Michelle Trachtman, Acrylic
  • Neva Fiumara, Raku Pottery
  • Phyllis Elliott, Beeswax Candles
  • Ray Stansel, Wood Carving (Sculpture & Jewelry)
  • Rebecca Dodd, Pottery
  • Regina Davidson, Oil
  • Rick Long, Pottery
  • Rita Maggart, Photography
  • Roanna Stapleton, Soap
  • Rob McClurg Donna Bertoli, Blown Glass & Pottery
  • Rob Nemeth, Oil
  • Ronnie & Patty Thornton, Pottery
  • Sam Simms, Stained Glass
  • Sarah Shafer, Pottery
  • Scott Hodes, Blown Glass
  • Sharon Ingram, Pottery
  • Wes Jordan, Pottery

Artists interested in participating, please see vendor registration page.

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