Marilyn Wilkinson


Artist Name: Marilyn Wilkinson

Medium/Technique: Pottery


With having raised 5 children, the art we could afford was the art that I created. These experiences encourage me to create functional wares that have good function as well as having an artistic flair.

My fondness for all that Mother Nature has given me also plays a huge role in my work. From reproducing her natural flowing patterns to being tantalized by all of her wonderful textures and colors. Although my glazing techniques are constantly evolving, my ware continue to reflect a natural organic, sensual calmness. Defined by deep rich tones, flowing patterns and an occasional touch of whimsy.

As an artist I also allow myself to step out of my box and most recently have been applying my hands to creating sculpture. It has been an inspiring experience and I find it easy to lose myself to the clay.

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